I attended my first meeting of Momentum this evening.

For those of you who may be unaware; Momentum is a grass roots Socialist organisation setup to bring progressive socilast ideas for political change to and through the UK Labour party.

Momentum was essentially formed as an offshoot of the Labour party leadership campaign that elected Jeremy Corbyn as party Leader in 2015.

I will go into more detail about Labour, Jeremy Corbyn & Momentum at a later date.

Suffice to say that Momentum and Jeremy Corbyn have inspired me back into politics for the first time in almost a decade.

I was politically active for a decade through the 90s and the Noughties, but my enthusiasm was killed off by disillusionment after the the invasion of Iraq, while my time was consumed by marriage and children. More about that later too…

It was a good meeting and I raised some points at the meeting when the floor was given to anyone who wished to speak. I will go into more detail with regard to each of these, in individual essays at a later date.

Electability v Representation

Bell Weather Issues

Israel Palestine
Iraq War
State Ownership &  Momentum Policy

Taking Back Ground From UKIP & The Right Wing

Pride In Britain
Anti-EU Feeling
Impacts of Immigration

Momentum Dynamism

Regularity of Meeting

Acquisition of Wealth v Socialism


All Momentum imagery & logos used without permission.