One of the ring leaders in the Leave campaign during the recent referendum on whether to leave the European Union. Andrea Leadsom, briefed a journalist that her main challenger for the leadership of the UK Conservative party, Theresa May, had less of a stake in the future of the country than she did because May had no children.

She subsequently lost her challenge for the leadership as a result and had to pull out. This wasn’t a bad thing, because of the two of them; May is the more honest, driven and hard working right wing politician. Leadsom comes across as a careerist, opportunist politician with little conviction or work ethic/drive.

If you judge your political calibre by the quality of your enemy; then May is undoubtedly a better yardstick by which Jeremy shall be judged.

eveil emperor v obi wan - corbyn v may

Anyway; back to the point:

Out of the blue this evening I got a FB message from a long time friend that I don’t see as much as I used to, though we comment on each others posts regularly.

To give you some context to this discussion; I should mention that this evening there was an attempted (we’ll see if its successful) coup against the democratically elected Islamic government of Turkey. Yesterday there was also a tragic attack in Nice where nearly a 100 people were mown down by an articulated lorry. grim times.

Anyway, read our exchange below:

M*** are you there?

Yep. How’s it going K***?

Hey not bad thanks u?
I am just watching this Turkey situation and I am quite a nervous person, I’m scared about what this all means! Can you tell me?I know you’re good with all this politics stuff
Hubby’s asleep and so is my little boy and I feel scared! I know that may sound silly

i dont think there’s anything to worry about. You’ve got a good bloke and gorgeous kid. You should be more worried about what Theresa May and the Tpries are going to do if the do a Brexit deal that scews all of us to be honest.
The Turkey thing has always been in the back ground
The army is secular and pro western
The government is moderate islamic

Is this likely to cause a war? Or just stay in Turkey?

No, no war. This has happened once before a few years back. And the the democratically elected muslim government stayed in power.
The army used to run a enforced secular dictatorship up until around 15 years ago I think
Then they were forced to have elections, and the people voted in erdogan and his muslim party, cant remember what theyre called
and every once in a while some faction of the army gets twitchy and tries to overthrow the muslim government.
if either happens; it wont spread into a civil war in Turkey; you can relax about that.

ah ok
thanks hun sorry I don’t know anyone else who knows these things online right now
and I struggled to sleep last night after Nice

Its my pleasure…its good to know that been a boring politics nerd can help a friend feel better

Having a baby has made me just worry so much
It’s definitely helpful, I’ve been very stressed lately over one thing or another – my hair has been falling out 😞

oh, you poor thing. seriously. relax.

Actually just been to the Drs about it today, not surprising as all these things stress me so much, I just worry about the world!
How are the kids and your lovely lady?

Daughter is 9 and son is 6. Both good kids doing well. Wife is fine.
The French thing is sad though. It feels like there so much shit going on in the world nowadays; too many people to quick to want to go to war; and like the old saying goes: an eye for an eye makes blind.
We need more peace and love.

9 and 6? Bloody hell time flies!
We certainly do! I’m all about peace & love. I just hate that we live in such an angry, sad world

When you have a chance to vote or support someone in politics; I urge you to support who ever talks more about peace, building bridges and communities and equality, and ending wars.

I hate politics, everyone just says what they think people want to hear. I always make decisions and then feel betrayed lol

yeah. I wont lie to you; i’ve been put off politics for a long time because of that.
But i love my kids and family and I love people you know. Everyone is good, in their own way. So that keeps me happy. Keep hugging and loving yours and you’ll feel much better. Your boy wont be as happy if he feels your unhappiness you know?

Food for thought there! I just hug him and shed tears over how much I want him to be part of a happier world!
There is enough sadness with illnesses and so on

time is short, so make the most of it and try to leave a legacy of kindness and thoughtfulness for everyone when your time comes to go. it’ll make you feel better knowing you’re doing your little bit to make the world a better place…

that is very true!

what does this mean? My brain is tired: “The Turkish military has released a statement saying it has “fully seized control” of running the country for democratic order.”
I should just go to bed lol

Thats bullshit speak…”we’re dictatorship-ping for democracy”

thanks, you should be like the twitter political calming influence lol


I’m giving in to sleep, thanks again! x

no worries…literally..dont worry. take care

Chat conversation end

I should say that while she occasionally dips her toe into politics; she has by no means ever been a political animal. She’s right wing and espoused pro-Leave perspectives during the EU Referendum.

But her concerns about the state of the world now and what might happen in the future, have it seems arisen because she now has a young son.

She feels a more real stake now in the state of the world and the conflicts within it and how they may impact her, where before she may have felt less concern.

Having children would seem to give some people a feeling that they have more stake in the future. It would seem Mrs Leadsom was right.

In my case; I’ve always felt a concern about the state of the world and I’ve strived to make a difference where I can. If anything having children has made me more selfish, as I’ve focused less on politics and activism, and more on taking care of my family and being there for them.